Under increasing economic pressure, customers expect to work with boilermakers who can, at short notice, provide full technical support for reliable steam production. Boiler monitoring is moving to digitalization, helping to meet regulations for safety compliance, reduce emissions, and increase sustainability.

Benefits of working with GESTRA

Maximize the performance of your customer's boiler

Access our boiler controls anywhere – locally or around the world

Integrate our boilerhouse solutions into your existing designs

Take advantage of technical support throughout the process

Be sure of a reliable delivery that will reach you in time

Delivering steam boiler solutions for you and your customers

There is a growing expectation from boilermaker customers to build safe, energy-efficient boilers that are easy to manage and maintain.  GESTRA provides steam and condensate know-how and market-leading electronic boiler controls, certified and tested to the highest standards.

GESTRA – your steam solution partner for boilermakers

Designed and manufactured in Germany to the highest safety and quality standards, our automated digital boiler control solutions are compliant with international and local regulations for the pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, chemicals, power generation, and general manufacturing industries.

GESTRA has extensive experience in delivering products and solutions that support safety, reliable steam generation, and efficiency.

You can expect: 

  • Innovative automated digital boiler control solutions that have been designed and manufactured in accordance with IEC 61508 standards and UL60730
  • All solutions are approved to SIL 2 or SIL 3
  • GESTRA has a wide range of industry-led, digital solutions that deliver the maximum value to you and your customers
GESTRA engineers in workshop

Boilermakers industry application experience

We have expertise in industry applications including:


Level controls and level alarms (level limiters)
Total dissolved solids measurements
Blowdown solutions
Turbidity detection
Energy and remote monitoring


Temperature control


Turbine drainage

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