Steam Control Valves

Control valves for steam and condensate

The broad product ranges of GESTRA's steam control valves have been developed over many years and are ideal for all applications and processes where temperature or pressure control is required.

Safe, reliable, and robust control valves are important criteria to consider when looking for a solution to accurately control steam, water, and other fluids.

With our steam, condensate, and other fluids know-how combined with our high-quality design and manufacturing standards, you can rely on GESTRA's steam control valve solutions to improve productivity and maximize system uptime in your plant.  

Our control valve solutions are ideal for hot water or thermal oil heating systems and condensers, air and oil coolers, and coils in induction furnaces.

Discover our steam control valves

Cooling-water control valves

Save energy and control your cooling-water return temperature with GESTRA's self-acting mechanical control valve CW (GESTRAMAT).

General purpose control valves

Wide variety of reliable control valves with electric or pneumatic actuator to suit every application.

Mechanical pressure regulators

Pressure control made easy with GESTRA's self-acting control valves.

Mechanical temperature regulators

Self-acting temperature control for various applications in your heating or cooling system.

Return-temperature control valves

Efficient utilization of hot water and thermal oil heating systems with GESTRA's self-acting mechanical control valve BW (KALORIMAT).

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