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How GESTRA adds value to your thermal power plant

With population and urbanization increasing, along with stringent environmental regulations to reduce CO₂ emissions, the power generation industry is facing pressure to change. Consumers expect power companies to deliver sustainable energy at a low cost while receiving a reliable uninterrupted supply of electricity.

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How can I maintain productivity during variable loads and energy demand?

The increasing importance of renewables causes the electricity demand from conventional power plants to be quite variable.

Fossil fuel power plants are more and more called to frequently start-up and shut-down, hence effective operational hours are decreasing and equipments are subject to more stressful conditions.

Power plants must be as productive as possible when called in operation hence reducing downtime due to equipment failures becomes critical.

GESTRA's highly reliable solutions help minimise downtime.

Why avoiding leakage in the steam and water cycle is so important?

Minimizing losses in the steam and water cycle not only enhances flexibility and improves productivity but also positively affects efficiency whilst reducing the CO2 footprint.

For example zero leakage tight shut off drain valves help in the speeding up of start-up times by reducing thermal dispersions, as well as zero leakage tight shut off spraywater control valve avoid the risk of thermal shocks in the steam pipe which could lead to unexpected shutdown.

How can GESTRA maintain the reliability of my steam power plant?

High-pressure applications require safe, robust products that perform well and endure. Phenomena like cavitation, flashing, high velocity put considerable stress on the valves. Even a limited differential pressure is more than enough to kickstart the internal erosion process in a valve and once erosion has commenced, it will continue until replacement of the trim components – or, most likely, the complete valve – is required.

Replacing valves frequently in your system is time consuming and costly. GESTRA’s wear-resistant severe service ZK valves are designed and manufactured in Germany to meet global safety standards. The result is in an exceptional product that withstands stress and cuts down on maintenance.

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How can I reduce energy and water consumption in my steam power plant?

The increased number of start-ups requires a strict control of the losses in the steam-water loop.

Minimizing high value steam losses such as flash steam to atmosphere not only will reduce water replenishment and relevant treatment costs but also will have a positive impact on CO₂ footprint enhancing plant efficiency.

Zero leakage tight shut off valves and effective steam traps become a must.

How GESTRA supports thermal power plants

High-quality solutions for severe services in your steam, condensate, and water systems

Save energy and reduce emissions

Reduce downtime with reliable solutions

Reduce maintenance costs with long-life solutions

Steam power generation expertise

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ASME
  • Pressure Equipment Directive PED
  • AD2000-HP0
  • ATEX IECEx Management Systems
  • Functional Safety Management System SIL
  • EAC
  • CRN
  • KTA1401
  • 100% production product testing on all products

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