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Discover Steam

Why steam works well?

Did you know that steam plays a crucial part in the food and beverage, marine and shipbuilding, pulp and paper, oil and gas, chemicals, hospitals and power generation industries?

This is because steam is easy and economical to generate, it can be quickly transported and used in manufacturing processes where heat energy is needed.

eCademy online training

Register to attend a GESTRA eCademy webinar or watch our demonstration videos.

Academy training

The GESTRA training seminars are geared to the interests of technical staff working for engineering companies, project, design and plant engineers, foremen, interested specialists and personnel responsible for commissioning, servicing and maintenance.

Mobile testing station

Our qualified and experienced engineers will come directly to your plant with the mobile testing station. All we need from you is steam, water and electricity.

What are the benefits of steam?

Find out why so many industries chose to use steam.

How do you manage condensate with steam traps?

It is essential to remove condensate to protect your steam system and maintain efficient heat transfer.

3 important things to consider with Check (Non-Return) Valves in steam systems

The non-return valve is often an overlooked component in a steam and condensate system. Follow these steps to ensure the lifespan of this critical component

Capturing energy from boiler blowdown

All boilers see continuous evaporation as part of their normal operation. This gradually builds the number of dissolved solids inside them, which has to be kept within acceptable limits to avoid damage to the boiler.

Why you need to watch out for water hammer

Unpredictable, worryingly powerful, and with the potential to cause serious harm both to people and infrastructure, water hammer is high on the list of hazards no one wants to experience