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Case Study


A food and beverage boilermaker sought a reliable boiler equipment partner for their premium solution.

Customer benefits


A boilermaker who manufactures boilers for the food and beverage industry in Spain, Latin America and Morocco was looking for a new boiler equipment partner. This boilermaker was looking for a partner who could provide reliable high quality boiler equipment for a continuous feed water system within their premium boiler solution. They chose to work with GESTRA because of their technical steam and condensate know-how and market-leading digital boiler equipment solutions, to support them with their new high quality boiler range.

Boilerhouse machinery


Working together, the boilermaker and the GESTRA team designed a solution that integrated the necessary boiler controls and level limiters to create a full open feedwater system that would keep a consistent flow of water to the boiler in all instances. 

The choice of product would allow additional switch-over MIN/MAX relays that could control the feed water system, so there would be no need to stop the boiler for servicing the control valves.

GESTRA's technical solution included the following products

Level limiter SPECTORmodul – NRG16-50, NRS1-50
Pneumatic control valves  Level control SPECTORmodul touch – NRG26-21, NRR2-53

Summary of technical solution

  • Easy-to-use level limiter SPECTORmodul - NRG 16-50 and NRS 1-50
  • Meet EU Boiler Standards EN 12952 / EN 12953
  • Safe boiler operation and protection
  • Meets standards for (SIL) Level 3 for level limiter


The finalised product led to the release of a new range of high quality boilers. End users would experience full availability during service, low Total Cost of Ownership and stable water levels without alarms due to low/high water events or false trips. 

In today’s industrial environment, steam generators must operate with high efficiency and low costs, but also meet rigorous safety testing. By choosing GESTRA as a partner, the boilermaker could deliver their solution with confidence. 

The boilermaker’s choice to work with GESTRA enabled their entry into markets where properly integrated technologies were at a premium. As a result, they enjoyed an increase in their sales volume, secure in the knowledge the product’s control system was of the highest quality.

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