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What matters most to businesses with steam systems?

Your trusted partner

Delivering the results you need is our top priority. That’s how we’ve become the first choice for industries where reliable, efficient, and safe steam systems are critical to success, from chemical production and power generation to boiler manufacture.

At GESTRA, the desire to optimise and innovate is in our DNA. Our global team of steam system experts is ready to support you with precision design and advanced engineering solutions, whether you have a challenge today, or want to build towards a more sustainable future

What matters most to business with steam systems

The GESTRA legacy lives on

Technologies will change and evolve, but our principles of precision German engineering, dedication to quality and innovation culture have remained constant throughout our 120 year history. By listening and learning from our customers while serving their industries, our knowledge of steam system technology has grown and passed down the generations. Our history has helped to make us who we are now and will shape the future of steam in new and exciting ways.

We are committed to helping our customers

  • Grow productivity
  • Maintain system reliability
  • Save energy and resource
  • Grow understanding of steam applications within the plant

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Value of German engineering

GESTRA have a proud history in engineering and manufacturing steam and condensate solutions that help our customers achieve and maintain sustainable operations.

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GESTRA sponsors and supports organisations and universities to promote engineering excellence for the future.

120 years of engineering steam performance

Our aim back in 1902 was to help industries optimise their steam and energy use. 120 years on, the technology has changed, but the goal remains the same.