Steam Check Valves

Non-return valves

Steam check valves improve system productivity and reliability

Check valves (also called non-return valves) prevent the risk of back flow in your steam, liquid, and gas pipelines.

GESTRA's steam check valves are designed for applications such as industrial, HVAC, sanitary, heating, and hot water systems. 

Designed and manufactured to the highest-quality standards, you can improve productivity and system reliability, by protecting your system equipment from contaminants in your pipelines through stopping reverse flow.

Discover our range of steam check valves

Dual-plate check valves

With a low-pressure drop and excellent sealing, dual-plate check valves prevent the risk of backflow in liquid and gas lines.

Gravity circulation check valves

Prevent gravity circulation in your heating and hot water systems.

RK non-return (check) valves

Wafer-type non-return (check) valves with spring, for installation in any position. Ideal for liquids, gases, and vapor applications.

Swing plate check valves

The swing-plate check valve is a cost-effective way to prevent backflow in your pipelines.

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