Non-Return (Check) Valves

Improve system productivity and reliability

Non-return (check) valves prevent the risk of back flow in your steam, liquid, and gas pipelines.

GESTRA's non-return (check) valves are designed for applications such as industrial, HVAC, sanitary, heating, and hot water systems. 

Designed and manufactured to the highest-quality standards, you can improve productivity and system reliability, by protecting your system equipment from contaminants in your pipelines through stopping reverse flow.

Dual-plate check valves

With a low-pressure drop and excellent sealing, dual-plate check valves prevent the risk of backflow in liquid and gas lines.

Gravity circulation check valves

Prevent gravity circulation in your heating and hot water systems.

RK non-return (check) valves

Wafer-type non-return (check) valves with spring, for installation in any position. Ideal for liquids, gases, and vapor applications.

Swing plate check valves

The swing-plate check valve is a cost-effective way to prevent backflow in your pipelines.

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