General Purpose Control Valves

GCV control valves

GESTRA's GCV general-purpose control valves are engineered to provide solutions for steam, condensate, and other industrial fluid, as well as gas applications and processes. 

These general-purpose control valves reliably and precisely control temperature and pressure within your processes.

GCV valves are available with electric or pneumatic actuator, positioners, and compressed air filter/regulators.

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What are the features?

  • Highly responsive
  • Ensures precise temperature and pressure control
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Long service life
  • Solutions for a range of applications

Sales brochures (PRO)

Document Language Reference number Download
A - B product overview English PRO_810815 Download PDF
Programme court French PRO_818821 Download PDF
GESTRA GCV control valves - control solutions for steam and condensate English PRO_819770 Download PDF
GESTRA product range - technical information English PRO_850128 Download PDF

Data sheets (DBL)

Document Language Reference number Download
Electric Linear Actuators DN15 to DN100 Control Valves AEL5 Series English DBL_819755 Download PDF
Electropneumatic Smart Positioner SP500 English DBL_819750 Download PDF
GCV Three-Port Control Valves QLM and QLD Series English DBL_819747 Download PDF
GCV Two-Port Control Valves EN Standard KE, KF and KL DN 15 to DN 300 and ASME Standard KEA, KFA and KLA ½" to 12" K Series English DBL_819746 Download PDF
GCV Two-Port Control Valves EN Standard LE, LF and LL DN 15 to DN 100 and ASME Standard LEA, LFA and LLA ½" to 4" L Series English DBL_819756 Download PDF
MPC1M, MPC2M and MPC2AM High Efficiency Compressed Air Filter/Regulators English DBL_819753 Download PDF
Pneumatic Actuators for use with GCV Control Valves PN9000 Series English DBL_819749 Download PDF

Installation and maintenance instructions (BAN)

Document Language Reference number Download
819743 Electropneumatic smart positioner SP500 English BAN_819743 Download PDF
Electric linear actuators for use with GCV control valves DN 15 to DN 100 AEL5 series English BAN_819742 Download PDF
Electropneumatic smart positioner - a guide to HART® functionality SP500 English BAN_819745 Download PDF
GCV three-port control valves QLM and QLD series English BAN_819736 Download PDF
GCV two-port control valves K and L series English BAN_819737 Download PDF
High efficiency compressed air filter/ regulators for use with GCV control valves and pneumatic actuators MPC1M, MPC2M and MPC2AM English BAN_819744 Download PDF
Pneumatic actuators for use with GCV control valves PN9000 series English BAN_819741 Download PDF

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