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Power plants are increasingly required to adapt to fluctuating demand. They start-up and shut-down more frequently, operate over shorter periods of time, run at minimum load and rapidly change generation output.

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Solutions enhancing your power plant flexibility and reliability

GESTRA solutions are designed for severe service applications. They meet the evolving needs of the contemporary power plant.

Frequent start-up and shut-down puts severe stress on plant equipment, which leads to a higher probability of failure. System maintenance can be costly in terms of budget and time, so finding reliable solutions is key to enhancing the flexibility your power plant requires.

The avoidance of leakage from the steam and water cycles plays a key role in achieving quicker start-ups. As your steam and water solutions partner, GESTRA can support you with a complete review of your draining system. With a system that runs optimally, you will experience faster start-up times and energy savings.

GESTRA solutions are precision engineered with longevity and productivity in mind. With more than 100 years of experience in steam and water solutions, we combine industry expertise with German design principles.  The result is a range of high-endurance and versatile solutions, even for the harshest environments.

Solutions to support your power plant needs

When a higher frequency of start-ups and quicker start-up times are required, avoiding leakage from the steam and water cycles is essential. 

GESTRA solutions will help you achieve that through metal-to-metal zero leakage tight shut off actuated drain valves as well as energy-efficient steam traps.

Zero leakage tight shut off drain valves help in the speeding up of start-up times, reduce the need for maintenance, save replenishment water costs and improve plant efficiency.

High-pressure applications require robust products that perform well and endure. Standard isolation valves are not designed for drainage applications. The internal erosion process can start with as little as 30 bar g of pressure. 

GESTRA’s pioneering valve technology, as well as trim design and metallurgy, will ensure long product life, requiring less maintenance, even with the harshest operating conditions.

Replacing valves in your system is time consuming and costly. It requires a number of activities include cutting, re-welding, heat-treating, NDE testing and commissioning.  GESTRA valves are the solution you can fit and forget.

Unlike many standard valves that have a welded bonnet, GESTRA’s hard wearing valves are designed to be in-line repairable. The valve’s quick-change trim design means it takes less time, and therefore less cost, to ensure your system runs optimally.

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