VK Steam Trap Monitoring

Our steam trap monitoring will help you to…

Reliable watchdog for every steam trap

Steam traps that are partially or fully blocked will lead to the incomplete removal of condensate from distribution systems, heat exchanges, or process applications.

They can also lead to system flooding, which will contribute to the distribution of poor-quality steam.

This could result in the inefficient transfer of the latent heat energy of steam or create hazardous conditions leading to water hammer.

Since both can impact system safety and efficiency, it is considered good practice to monitor your steam traps to ensure better system performance.

Using our VK steam trap monitoring solution will allow you to proactively identify steam trap problems keeping your system up-and-running, efficient, and safe.

What are the features of steam trap monitoring?

  • Reduce steam losses
  • Minimize risk of water hammer
  • VK vaposcopes sight glasses allow you to visualize banking-up of condensate and steam loss
  • NRG electrodes provide intelligent detection of banking-up of condensate and steam loss
VK14 steam trap monitoring

Sales brochures (PRO)

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Steam traps and monitoring equipment English PRO_810124 Download PDF
Purgeurs et appareils de commande French PRO_810126 Download PDF
A - B product overview English PRO_810815 Download PDF
Programme court French PRO_818821 Download PDF
GESTRA product range - technical information English PRO_850128 Download PDF

Data sheets (DBL)

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Test Station NRA 1-3 English DBL_818679 Download PDF
Test Station NRA 1-3 with CAN Bus Interface English DBL_819100 Download PDF
Vaposcope Sightglasses VK 14, DN 15, DN 20, DN 25, DN 40, DN 50, PN 16 VK 16, DN 15, DN 20, DN 25, DN 40, DN 50, PN 40 English DBL_818475 Download PDF

Installation and maintenance instructions (BAN)

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Vaposcope® sightglass VK 14, VK 16 English BAN_818577 Download PDF
Appareils de contrôle visuel Vaposcope® VK 14, VK 16 French BAN_818586 Download PDF
Test station NRA 1-3, NRA 1-3 mit CAN-Bus Interface English BAN_818678 Download PDF
Station de controle NRA 1-3 avec interface bus CAN French BAN_819623 Download PDF

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