Newcomer to the UNA 4 family: UNA 43, 46 – DN 80 to 150

Proven flexibility now also for large nominal sizes

The new UNA 4 ball-float steam traps in nominal sizes DN 80, DN 100 and DN 150 are now bringing the flexibility of the smaller nominal sizes to applications with large connections. The straight through design, which is slim and compact for this nominal size range, facilitates use in the field. As weight has been reduced by up to 50%, floor-standing installation is no longer essential.

The direction of flow can be subsequently adapted to the installation conditions, in the customary manner for the UNA 4. And these steam traps also make use of the tried and tested rolling ball regulator, offering the user reliability based on several decades of practice experience. The cover is designed in such a way that electrodes for monitoring banking-up of condensate and/or loss of steam can be directly fitted. The new UNA 4 is the only ball-float steam trap that can be equipped as standard with a conductive measuring electrode for the realtime monitoring of banking-up of condensate.

A special anti-wear deflector further lengthens the service life of the new UNA 4.



  • Body/cover material: 5.1301/5.1301; 1.0619/1.0619
  • Nominal sizes: DN 80, DN 100, DN 150
  • Types of connection:
    Flange EN1092-1 PN 16, PN 40; Flange ASME B 16.5 Class 125 RF, 150 RF,300 RF; Flange JIS/KS 10K, 20K
  • Differential pressures: 2 to 40 bar

Special features

  • Control unit version: with or without thermal venting via thermostatic capsule 5N2 (Duplex/Simplex)
  • Directions of flow: Horizontal L-R,Horizontal R-L, Vertical (can be subsequently adapted)
  • Options
    • Manual lifting device
    • Manual vent valve for Duplex
  • Accessories:
    • Insulating jacket
    • Magnetic level gauge for fill level


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