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Why are steam trap surveys so important?

It's vital to keep a close watch over your processes to optimise efficiency and output. This is especially true when it comes to your steam system.

Whilst you'll have a deep understanding of your unique production process, the steam and condensate loop will benefit from specialist attention.

The best starting point for improving performance is usually a steam trap survey. The survey will give a good overview of your steam system's current state of health and clearly identify any steam trap issues onsite.

Who can carry out a steam trap survey?

GESTRA’s steam system auditors are on hand to make recommendations to help improve your steam system performance, sustainability, and safety. 

Whether you’re seeking expert help to reduce CO2 emissions, improve performance or enhance safety onsite, a comprehensive audit is the best way to identify new ways to reach your goals.

What happens after a steam trap survey?

After the steam trap survey, we'll provide you with a range of options to optimise your steam system to its full potential.

This might be as straightforward as replacing defective steam traps, or it could be a complete energy audit to help you reach higher sustainability targets.

Whatever the size of your steam system, however complex, you could benefit from GESTRA SurveyPLUS. It is our latest service offering to give you more ways to improve performance across your entire steam system.

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