System and Packaged Solutions

Bespoke steam and condensate solutions

GESTRA manufacture bespoke turn-key solutions that are designed and fitted to order, providing you with a complete end-to-end system with packaged solutions for steam and condensate systems. 

Our solutions can be tailor-made for your processes and applications to ensure that you achieve optimal energy use and system reliability in your steam plant.  Our system and packaged solutions support many applications including condensate recovery and return, desuperheaters, feedwater de-gassing, clean steam generators, steam and air dryers and heat exchangers supplying hot water on demand.

Condensate dampening pot

Minimise waterhammer and protect your plant from damage when condensate is returned and lifted to higher elevated systems.


Condensate return unit

Collect condensate effectively and return to downstream systems.


Desuperheater systems

Ensure most effective steam process by cooling superheated steam to meet your required operating conditions.


Feedwater deaerating units

Remove oxygen and other non-condensable gases from your boiler feedwater.


Flash vessel

Reduce operating costs and save energy by capturing and reusing flash steam.


Heat exchangers

Efficiently transfer and reuse heat energy from a primary heat source to a secondary fluid.


Measuring pot

Protect level probe and ensure external level sensing of boilers and vessels.


Mixing cooler

Flash tank for discharge and cooling of boiler blow-down water.


Pressure reducing stations

Preassembled arrangement for pressure reduction of steam lines.


Sample coolers

Deliver true analytical results sampled from a steam boiler, hot water or condensate tank.


Steam driers

Remove moisture and impurities from your steam or air/gas line.


Steam generators

Generate high quality or clean steam for your processes.


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