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How GESTRA can help improve your offer

With increasing economic pressures customers expect to work with boiler manufacturers who can, at short notice, provide full technical support for reliable steam production.  Monitoring boilers is moving to high technology such as digitalisation, helping to meet regulations for safety compliance, reduce emissions and increase sustainability.

How does GESTRA ensure reliability, quality and safety for industrial boiler solutions?

Outstanding German engineering, coupled with 120 years of experience and rigorous testing, combine to ensure you can expect exceptional results when partnering with GESTRA for your boiler design.

Manufactured and designed to the highest safety and quality standards, our automated digital boiler control solutions are compliant with international and local regulations:  IEC 61508, SIL2/3, European Standards: EN 12952 and EN 12953, USA Standards: UL60730 providing reassurance on boiler safety.

By meeting rigorous testing standards, you can trust that our products are high-quality, robust and reliable when you design your solutions, whether off-the-shelf or bespoke.

How will GESTRA reduce my Total Cost of Ownership?

OEMs face increasing demands to remain competitive in today’s environment of escalating costs and changing regulations. Yet despite pressures to reduce expenditure, purchasing cheaper parts will often incur additional and indirect costs that can escalate and actually increase ‘Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)’. 

Therefore, an OEM requires more than a supplier, they need a partner who they can trust. GESTRA provides such a partnership offering high quality products, knowledgeable service and a transparent supply chain, which can actually reduce the Total Cost of Ownership. By providing packaged solutions under a single part number with all the relevant certifications, we can save your procurement team time through SKU reduction and your operations team time and effort during assembly. All of our drawings and schematics are in a common format to allow our solutions to be easily integrated into your design.

By rationalising the suppliers in your supply chain to a single partner like GESTRA, you can reduce your associated costs, from purchasing to installation.

How GESTRA supports your customers' sustainability goals

With sustainability high on the corporate agenda, OEMs are being increasingly asked to focus on industrial boiler systems that can support ambitious sustainability targets. 

GESTRA can partner with a boiler manufacturer to tailor solutions towards carbon reduction targets. According to their goals we can focus our offering towards energy reduction, water savings or overall boiler efficiency to maximise your customer's efforts to reduce their carbon emissions. For example, did you know that bottom blowdown and TDS controls can support carbon and energy reduction targets?

By partnering with GESTRA, we can support your boiler design in addressing your customer's sustainability and carbon reduction goals.

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Can GESTRA solutions integrate with varied design specifications?

Our experience working with manufacturers across a wide range of industries and applications means that we have the expertise to help whatever your industrial boiler design requirements.

GESTRA’s ‘plug-and-play’ solutions will give your customers confidence with their track record of quality and performance, whilst our bespoke options provide compact, cost-effective, and easy to commission solutions. This means that we can implement our solutions in existing systems as well as reducing time in new boiler design and installation.

How GESTRA supports global customer project delivery

With a single point of contact from procurement through project management to post-installation and maintenance, OEMs around the globe know they can trust GESTRA to deliver exceptional results, no matter where their customers are.

With global project management support and compliance to international and local regulations, GESTRA is your global partner for delivering industrial boiler solutions to your customers. Your purchasing team can leverage our global footprint to rationalise suppliers and increase efficiencies in your supply chain. 

GESTRA’s smart technology enables OEMs to build, install and maintain their equipment in efficient and sustainable ways. With increased system uptime in mind GESTRA have evolved their technology to undertake processes such as level calibration, reducing the amounts of water so in turn saving time, energy and money.

How GESTRA supports boilermakers

Maximise the performance of your customer's boiler

Access our boiler controls anywhere - local or global

Include our boilerhouse solutions within your existing designs

Gain technical support throughout the process

Be sure of reliable on-time delivery

Boiler safety expertise

Our automated digital boiler control solutions are compliant with international and local regulations:

IEC 61508
European Standards:  EN 12952 and EN 12953
USA Standards: UL60730

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