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The pulp and paper industry has experienced increasing pressure to meet production needs in the packaging and hygiene sector. There is increasing pressure to sustainably source timber and ensure efficient and environmentally friendly processes. 


Benefits of working with GESTRA

Find operational efficiencies


Reduce water consumption


Improve production time and quality


Maximise condensate recovery


Reduce energy consumption


Solutions to help you manage a sustainable plant

Steam is an important part of the pulp and paper process and this is where GESTRA can help.  

GESTRA's knowledge of steam systems and range of steam, condensate and other fluid products, means that we can help to improve productivity, reduce energy consumption, reduce emissions and minimise water usage.

GESTRA can work with your team to maximise condensate recovery within your pulping, heating and drying processes.


GESTRA - Your solution partner in the pulp and paper industry

With extensive industry application experience in steam and condensate, you can expect: 

  • Flexible solutions to suit varying operating conditions
  • Solutions designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards
  • Reliable, safe and robust products
  • Solutions that can help you to improve operational efficiency in your processes
Aerial view of paper pulping

Pulp and paper industry application experience

We have expertise in the following applications including:

Temperature control
Condensate management
Pressure regulation
Level controls
Blowdown, drain and warm up
Energy and remote monitoring
Turbine drainage
Spray water control
Boiler vent valves


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