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Pioneering Excellence: Celebrating Primus Award Success

Effortlessly Identify Potential Resource Savings

Date published 08/01/2024
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Highlighting GESTRA's commitment to excellence, our Connected Services solution has recently triumphed in the Primus Awards 2023. This prestigious accolade, presented by the German valve industry magazine ‘Industriearmaturen+Dichtungstechnik’ in partnership with the DIAM & DDM German valve industry exhibition, celebrates breakthrough technologies in three categories: actuators, fittings, and seals. Connected Services was the clear winner in the "Fittings" section, beating stiff competition with 53.3% of the vote. All attendees at the exhibition were eligible to vote, with a European-wide representation.

The award-winning GESTRA Connected Services is a testament to the company's forward-thinking approach, blending advanced technology with a keen focus on sustainability.

Merging Sustainable Strategies with Advanced Technology

GESTRA Connected Services represents a significant advance for resource management, combining continuous monitoring with insightful data analysis to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and support sustainability. The award acknowledged that saving resources, both with regard to costs and the environment, is a key driver for businesses operating steam systems today. Another important factor in winning the award is the adaptability across all steam systems, even those not using GESTRA products.

There are three key benefits offered by Connected Services:

  • Enhanced Efficiency and Energy Conservation: The service gives detailed insights into system performance, aiding in the identification and implementation of energy-saving measures and improved efficiency measures.

  • Encourages a Proactive Maintenance Approach: By harnessing predictive maintenance capabilities, GESTRA’s solution helps avoid potential equipment failures, ensuring uninterrupted operations and extending the lifespan of equipment.

  • Strategic Personnel Utilisation: The automation of routine monitoring tasks frees up personnel to concentrate on other important tasks, maximising workforce efficiency.

At the heart of GESTRA Connected Services are the robust ecoBolt sensor solutions. These sensors are installed on steam traps, applicable to both GESTRA’s own products or those from other manufacturers. Their primary function is to monitor these critical devices, automatically taking temperature and ultrasonic measurements. This data is transmitted using LoRaWAN wireless technology, combining low power usage with maximum range, especially important in larger steam systems.

Connected Services stands out from the competition through its approach to handling data. Rather than just collecting and visualising data, we go a step further by integrating the expertise of our steam experts. After gathering measurement and evaluation information, this data is transmitted securely to GESTRA's Energy Management customer portal, which is hosted on the cloud.
Here, the role of our steam experts becomes crucial. They interpret this data, going beyond simple delivery and visualisation. Their insights transform raw data into practical advice. This not only enhances the decision-making process but also offers a clear, comprehensible presentation of the information.
In addition to providing valuable insights, the system is engineered to promptly alert operators of any deviations from set limits. This feature ensures that management is not just reactive but proactive, allowing for timely and effective responses. The inclusion of steam experts in interpreting data adds a significant layer of value, making the entire process more efficient and meaningful.

An important aspect of GESTRA Connected Services is its cost-effectiveness. Generally, the service is designed to pay for itself within a matter of months, making it not only a technologically advanced solution but also a financially sound investment. This combination of technological sophistication, economic efficiency, and sustainable responsibility makes GESTRA Connected Services a groundbreaking solution in the field of steam system management.

We have been redefining the efficiency and sustainability of steam systems for more than 120 years. The Primus 2023 Award demonstrates our determination to continue to do so for the future.

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