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Improve the flexibility and reliability of your power plant

In the pursuit to reduce carbon emissions, the importance of renewables grows each day; however, these come with their own challenges.  Renewables are discontinuous and can’t always satisfy the demand. As a result, conventional fossil fuel power plants, which are designed to operate at base load, are often called upon to adapt to these variable loads.

Our priority is ensuring your plant is:


Power stations are required to seamlessly start-up and shutdown more frequently, operate over shorter periods of time, run at minimum load, and rapidly change their generation output.  


Flexibility comes with some challenges.  Power stations must have reliable equipment that will reduce the risk of unexpected shut down, limit downtime, and reduce the frequency of maintenance for everyone involved.


How can GESTRA help you?

GESTRA have been working hard to channel our own knowledge and expertise to help you. Our consultative approach has helped us develop a range of solutions to help conventional power plants meet the changing demands of the world around us and operate at optimal efficiency, not just for now, but for the future too.

See how our solutions can support you in severe service applications within the steam and water cycle.

Improve duty cycle and reduce maintenance of your power plant

With a drainage system that runs optimally, you will experience faster start-up times, energy savings, and improved plant efficiency with a reduced need for maintenance.

Enhance the operation of your plant

A high quality and duly designed desuperheater will not only boost your plant productivity and enhance flexibility, but also increase the reliability of your system.

Partner with us

  • Increase your understanding of your systems needs through the support of our troubleshooting expertise in steam and water cycles
  • Enhance process efficiency, plant availability and overall productivity
  • Significantly reducing maintenance time and costs
  • German design and German quality in all our solutions