GESTRA products are vital for essential operations

A large proportion of our products and services are used in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, energy generation, chemicals, the food industry and healthcare.

These sectors are deemed essential during the coronavirus pandemic. Any restrictions to our work as a supplier due to lockdowns could therefore cause problems for these essential sectors.


That’s why many of our products ensure that essential operations can keep going. Here are three examples:


Energy supply

We supply power plants with components for boiler control and safety.


Production of disinfectants and medication

We provide important valves and equipment for steam systems.


Sterilisation systems in hospitals

We produce crucial steam regenerators that convert normal steam into sterile steam.


This is why the Chamber of Commerce in Bremen and Bremerhaven has certified that GESTRA supplies and supports sectors deemed to be “essential” or that provide “critical infrastructure”. So you can rely on us at any time!