Steam Traps

Improve system performance with our condensate removal solutions

For maintenance and energy managers improving productivity, reducing operating costs and energy use are key drivers. 

By removing condensate from your steam system, you can maintain effective heat transfer, reduce damage to your steam system equipment and return reusable condensate energy to your boiler feed tank for reuse.  

GESTRA's steam traps meet the most demanding system requirements to help you effectively remove condensate, keeping your system operating at peak performance.

AK automatic drainage valve

Automatic drainage steam traps automatically discharges air and condensate from steam systems on start-up and shut-down and provides protection from frost.


BK thermostatic steam traps - bimetallic

Bimetallic steam traps are highly responsive, very efficient and extremely resistant, making them ideal for superheated and saturated steam systems, along with steam tracing and heating coils.

DK thermodynamic steam traps

Compact thermodynamic steam traps are ideal for draining heating processes with small load fluctuations, including saturated and superheated steam systems, steam tracing and air heaters.

Drainage modules of the quickEM series

GESTRA's QuickEM drainage modules are preassembled for quick and easy installation and are ideal for draining steam pipes, steam headers and heat exchangers. 


ecoBolt Wireless Steam Trap Monitoring

Unlock extra layers of your site potential related to Sustainability, Energy and Financial gains. Enhance your steam trap testing regime by adding GESTRAs latest steam trap-specific sensing technology coupled with an intuitive algorithm-enabled digital dashboard.

GK and TK high capacity steam traps

Highly responsive steam traps are suitable for the automatic drainage applications with a high amount of condensate; including evaporators, heat exchangers, large boilers, brewing kettles and the chemical and petrochemical processes.

GMF GESTRA manifolds

Steam trap manifolds are ideal for steam distribution and condensate collection in plants with large steam trap populations.

MK Thermostatic steam traps

Membrane steam traps with a membrane regulator are highly responsive and ideal for saturated steam systems, steam tracing, heating coils, air heaters, steam roller/iron and tyre presses. 

SMK thermostatic steam traps for SIP and CIP processes

Thermostatic steam traps are ideal for sterile and aseptic applications in the pharmaceuticals industry, including pure steam and ultrapure steam
applications, clean-in-place and steam-in-place processes.

Steam traps for universal connectors

Steam traps for universal connectors are suitable for discharging small to medium condensate flow rates in pipes and steam tracing.


UNA 25-PK-PS ball float steam traps with pump function

Ball float steam traps with automated pump function guarantees condensate discharge with reduced steam pressure or high back pressure for regulated and special plate-type heat exchangers with major load fluctuations and drainage of vacuum systems. 


UNA ball float steam trap

Suited to steam-regulated heat exchangers, vacuum systems, drying cylinders, steam driers and systems with very low operating or differential pressures, GESTRA's ball float steam trap remove condensate from steam, cold condensate and distillates.

VK steam trap monitoring

Visual or electronic monitoring of your steam trap performance in your steam plant.

VKP steam trap testing equipment

Prevent steam loss and remove excess condensate with our state-of-the-art steam trap testing technology.

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