Marine & Shipbuilding

The global shipbuilding industry for commercial and passenger transportation is very competitive, with passenger shipbuilding continuing to grow rapidly in order to meet global demand.  Using a large workforce and the latest technology, shipbuilders design and build vessels and mega vessels capable of carrying thousands of passengers in luxury. 


Benefits of working with GESTRA

Reduce energy consumption


Improve process reliability


Maximise system uptime


Reliable solutions for challenging conditions

Designs need to ensure space for key utilities and that energy efficiency is maximised. 

Steam, condensate and hot water are critical in order to provide reliable domestic hot water for passengers, laundry applications, space heating, air conditioning, kitchens and for heating on-board swimming pools.  

These are arduous applications, requiring robust and reliable products that have marine certifications and approvals.  This is where GESTRA can help.

GESTRA's team, with their steam know-how in the production and distribution of steam and hot water, utilises our well proven products which are approved to stringent marine standards of certification, ensuring all your key applications run reliably and efficiently.


GESTRA - Your steam solutions partner in the marine and shipbuilding industry

Our automated boiler control solutions are designed and manufactured in Germany to the highest safety and quality standards. Working closely with our industry experts, you can be assured of the high level technical support you will receive, alongside reliable and robust products that meet regulatory standards. 


Cruise ship in port

Marine and shipbuilding industry application experience

We have expertise in the following applications including:

Level controls
Level limiters
Turbidity detection
Blowdown, drain and warm up

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