ecoBolt Wireless Steam Trap Monitoring

Monitor and react to steam ​trapping issues as they occur​

Unlock further improved energy efficiency and reduce energy costs from passing steam traps by evolving from periodic testing to visualising online data.

This allows targeted maintenance and ensures increased safety of steam trap systems.

Better understand how and where your steam energy is being used. Our digital dashboard uses the latest intelligent evaluation software to calculate steam-loss related KPIs associated with sustainability and energy with monetary considerations.

Avoid time consuming and frustrating searches in different places for information. When combined with overall steam trap status metrics, this easy and intuitive smart interface is your single source for all your measuring and reporting needs!

Benefit from improved productivity and safety of your steam trap performance by using our full Data Analytics service.  Our steam expert provides supportive diagnosis to improve productivity; track bad actors & critical component issues (such as blocked traps) and the predictability of maintenance activities.

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What are the features?

  • ATEX approved applications
  • Easy wireless installation
  • Enhance and measure savings
  • One service for the full picture

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