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Today's challenges pose ever-increasing complexity for business. Juggling the need to remain competitive in the face of unpredictable energy costs, global uncertainty, and economic instability, whilst meeting your sustainability targets isn't easy.

We know that no one understands your business as well as you do. That's why improvements to product-related processes are more straightforward. However, our 120 years of experience focusing on the steam and condensate loop have proved that there is almost always room for advances to be made here.

Our goal is to use that experience to identify any latent opportunities that might exist, optimise them, and boost your operating potential and sustainability performance.

Boost your sustainability performance

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Combining technology with experience for advanced solutions

The steam and condensate system is a complex and dynamic piece of engineering. The key to understanding where elements may be improved is thorough scrutiny of your unique situation.

By measuring a system's behaviour over a period of time, we are able to take account of changes in operating conditions and ensure nothing is missed.

Now we have the ability to use the latest in digital measurement devices to deliver the most comprehensive results yet. Our latest digital solutions integrates GESTRA's BK and MK steam traps together with our URB-based boiler control equipment and the Strata software platform. Combined with wireless monitoring of strategically-chosen temperature points, this gives an unrivalled picture of your system's performance.

When combined with our steam knowledge and expertise, analysis of this data library provides accurate and actionable recommendations where improvements will be most beneficial.

Why GESTRA is the Logical Choice

Collecting the right data is one thing. Being able to correctly interpret it and develop exact recommendations is another. GESTRA's ‘Audit Engineers’ are expert in analysing the data, spotting patterns and interactions between different parameters (such as pressure, temperature, and flow).

This experience, and the ability to pull together the different strands into a coherent analysis, is your key to better productivity.

We've built a world-class reputation for excellence in steam and condensate system improvements through our hands-on, comprehensive approach to each unique customer's situation. Now, with the latest digital software, that's been enhanced even further. Armed with data compiled over a period of time, GESTRA engineers will already have advanced knowledge of where a system's potential might be improved before even arriving at the plant.

Ongoing measurement will also reveal issues long before they would typically be spotted. Take your annual steam trap survey for example. Should a trap fail soon after this, it will be months before the next audit highlights the problem. That's months of lost steam, equating to wasted energy and the associated impact on costs, productivity, and sustainability. But, with continuous monitoring, this likelihood is significantly reduced.

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