SPECTORcompact for Level Controls

Safe and efficient monitoring of steam and hot water systems

For businesses safety, reliability, availability of steam and cost efficiency, along with effective simple plant automation and visualisation, are the top priority.

Market-leading SPECTORcompact level controls achieve this through the reliable application of innovative digital technology that enables existing self-acting systems to be replaced with ease so you can upgrade your boiler to the latest standards for safety, reliability and efficiency. 

All measured values are transferred as standard using 4 - 20 mA signals, making the transfer process easy. You can also incorporate existing controllers by means of integrated volt-free relay contacts without any need for additional electronic control units.

The integrated socket allows 'plug and play' installation. With only 25% of the water level in the gauge, a 100% complete calibration can be done which saves you time, energy and water.

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