Compact steam traps with swivel connection

Steam traps for universal connectors

Compact, maintenance-free steam traps of stainless steel for connection to universal connectors. These steam traps can be secured with just two screws. Installation and removal is therefore extremely quick and simple.

For connection to universal connectors, we offer:

  • Steam traps with membrane regulator – MK 36A-71/-72
  • Bimetallic steam traps – BK 36A-7
  • Thermodynamic steam traps – DK 36A-7
  • Inverted bucket steam traps – IB 16A-7

The types of connector are:

  • Simple – UC 36
  • With dirt strainer (Y-strainer) – UCY 36
  • With integrated stop valves, test and drainage valve – TS 36


Suitable for discharging small to medium volumes of condensate. Ideal for draining:

  • Pipes
  • Trace heaters


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