QuickEM Drainage Module Series

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Improve system reliability

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Improve system performance

Preassembled for quick and easy installation

QuickEM control drainage modules provide you with all you need to monitor your steam traps. These are pre-assembled units and include a steam trap, sight glass, check valve, stop valve and bypass pipe plus all the necessary pipes, flanges, gaskets and fasteners. This packaged unit is quick and easy to install. 


What are the features?

  • Minimal installation errors
  • Pre-assembled steam trap module
  • Standardised lengths
  • For horizontal or vertical installation

Sales brochures (PRO)

Document Language Reference number Download
A - B Product overview English PRO_810815 Download PDF
Product range technical information, 2021 English PRO_850128 Download PDF
Steam traps and monitoring equipment English PRO_810124 Download PDF

Data sheets (DBL)


Drain Module QuickEM, PN 16 / PN 40, DN 15, 20, 25, 40, 50 QuickEM Control, PN 16 / PN 40, DN 15, 20, 25, 40, 50



Reference number



Download PDF

Installation and maintenance instructions (BAN)

Document Language Reference number Download
Drain module QuickEM, QuickEM control English BAN_818941 Download PDF
Quick Guide - TRAPtest VKP (de-en) International BAN_808984 Download PDF
Quick-TP- Insulation Jacket (de-en) International BAN_808996 Download PDF

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