Steam traps for special tasks

The primary task of steam traps is to remove condensate from steam-operated heat transfer systems in the optimum way, so that these systems can function without problem for a long time. This involves a variety of requirements, for which different steam trap systems are available.

However, special requirements exist in addition to these standard tasks:

  • Condensate needs to be discharged rapidly when steam systems are started up or stopped
  • Condensate needs to be removed at a certain discharge temperature
  • Especially large condensate flowrates need to be removed
  • Steam traps are required for low-pressure steam heaters
  • Drainage of compressed air or gas systems


AK 45
Condensate drain valve for discharging condensate from steam systems on start-up and for draining remaining condensate when the system is stopped. With integrated dirt trap (Y-strainer) and hand-purging knob. Closing pressure 0.8 bar as standard.

UBK 46
Steam traps for low-pressure steam heaters.

MK 20
Kondensatableiter für Niederdruck-Dampfheizungen.

TK 23, TK 24
Steam traps with thermostatic capsule for thermostatic pilot control, for removing large and continuous condensate flowrates

GK 11, GK 21
Steam traps with stage nozzle for discharging larger condensate flowrates. With integrated Vaposkop for optimum trap adjustment.

Steam traps with ball float and rolling ball seal for removing fluids from compressed air or gas.