Integrated steam trap monitoring equipment VK, NRG, VKE

Visual or electronic – a reliable watchdog for every steam trap

Unwanted banking-up of condensate leads to an inadequate exchange of heat and to water hammers that damage the material. A loss of steam costs energy and therefore constitutes a major financial loss. Moreover, both of these can adversely affect system safety. Therefore, monitoring steam traps for the banking-up of condensate and loss of steam always makes sense. Sightglasses – GESTRA Vaposkops – or monitoring electrodes are a fixed part of the equipment.


VK Vaposkops are valves that allow you to see flow processes in pipes. When they are installed upstream of a steam trap, you can easily see whether the steam trap is suffering a banking-up of condensate or loss of steam.

NRG electrodes measure conductivity or temperature and therefore recognise, either in an upstream VKE test chamber or in the steam trap itself, the presence of an abnormal operating state. The electrode signal is processed by a single or multi-channel diagnostic tester.


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