SPECTORmodul SIL 3 certified

State-of-the-art safety technology!

Low level alarm

Targeted reduction of boiler damage

Wassermangelreduzierung zur Verhinderung von Kesselschäden

With the water level limiters of the SPECTOR family, GESTRA is now offering the fifth generation of these safety components. The new products provide solutions that conform to the technical literature, increase safety in operation and keep costs down. In accordance with EU boiler standards EN 12952 and EN 12953, in future a risk analysis must be performed for each limiter function, and appropriate Safety Integrity Levels (SIL) established. The boiler protection system must conform at least to SIL 2.

NRG 16-50 and NRS 1-50 for the low level alarm

In conformity with the EN technical literature, these units have been developed and manufactured in accordance with IEC 61508, Functional Safety, and certified to SIL 3. The alarms comply with the Pressure Equipment Directive and have EC and TÜV type-approval numbers. "High Integrity" alarms with periodic self-test monitor both the electromechanical part of the electrode and analysis in the level switch.


Prospect SPECTORmodul
NRS 1-50 - Data Sheets and Installation Instructions
NRG 16-50 - Data Sheets and Installation Instructions
SRL 6-50 - Data Sheets and Installation Instructions
NRG 16-4 - Data Sheets and Installation Instructions
NRS 1-52 - Data Sheets and Installation Instructions

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