Safety technology for the requirements of many non-EU states

Conductivity control

Leitfähigkeitsregelung LRGS 15-1

The LRGS 15-1 compact system measures using the conductivity principle. Electrically conductive media up to a maximum of 10,000µS/cm can be controlled and limited by a continuous blowdown valve.

  • Continual monitoring and limiting of conductivity
  • Direct measurement in the boiler drum
  • Automatic blowdown of boiler water
  • Temperature-compensated measurement (optional)
  • Digital display
  • Menu-guided operation
  • Can be read in various installation positions

The LRGS 15-1 has a controller integrated in the electrode body, which controls all functions. No external switching device is necessary.


LRGS 15-1 - Data Sheets and Installation Instructions

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