SPECTORbus SIL 2 certified

A new era of measuring and control technology

Controlling and limiting temperature

Temperaturabgrenzer SPECTORbus SIL 2

The temperature limiter of this series works in combination with TRG 5-6x resistance temperature sensors and a separate TRV 5-40 preamplifier. Safety shut-down of the energy supply is achieved via a separate module, the NRS 1-40.1. If additional control tasks are required, further temperature sensors can be connected to the preamplifier and their signals processed by a TRS 5-40 electronic control unit.

You can operate the system easily and guided by menus using the separate URB 1 or URB 2 operator terminal. Here, error messages are displayed in addition to set points and actual values. 100% measuring range adjustment is possible from a water level of 25% or more.


Prospect SPECTORbus
TRG 5-6 - Data Sheets and Installation Instructions
TRV 5-40 - Data Sheets and Installation Instructions
NRS 1-40 - Data Sheets and Installation Instructions
URB 2 - Data Sheets and Installation Instructions

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