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Continuous water level control

Messgerät zur kontinuierlichen Wasserstandregelung

Continuous control ensures cost-efficient operation, improved steam quality and the option of adaptation to suit even tricky controlled systems.

The level measuring and control system comprises the NRG 26-40 level electrode and NRR2-40 proportional controller. The NRG 26-40 uses the principle of capacitance measurement, whereby the level is recorded continuously in a defined measuring range, in electrically conductive and non-conductive media. The water-level data are transferred via the CANopen protocol.

The level controller has two limit values each with one switchpoint (MAX alarm, first MIN alarm). It can be equipped with a 4-20 mA output as an actual-value and/or modulating output. All contacts can be adjusted with a time delay from 1 to 25 sec.


Prospect SPECTORbus
NRG 26-40 Data Sheets and Installation Instructions
NRR 2-40 Data Sheets and Installation Instructions
URB Data Sheets and Installation Instructions

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