Monitoring foreign matter

OR 52 oil detector and LRS 1-7 conductivity switch

Messgerät zur Überwachung von Fremdstoffenn

Whenever there is a risk of the return condensate being contaminated with foreign matter, condensate monitoring in accordance with EN 12952/3 is essential. There are two types of foreign matter: soluble and solids.

Temperature-compensated conductivity monitoring is used to detect dissolved solids. In combination with the LRS 1-7 switch, the LRG 16-9 electrode detects even minimal contamination of the condensate by alkalis and acids.

For the detection of solids in the form of oil and turbidity, GESTRA offers the OR 52 - a system that uses directly transmitted light to compare light scattered by particles in the liquid and so detect even tiny amounts of contamination. False alarms are reduced to a minimum, and system malfunctions are detected automatically.


Prospect SPECTORbus
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GESTRA informs: Monitoring condensate for the ingress of foreign substances

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