CAN bus system

The SPECTORbus system digitally transmits measurement data from the probe to the electronic control unit in the control cabinet. It does this by means of a stable, sophisticated CAN (Controller Area Network) bus. Further sensors and amplifiers can be interconnected by means of a CAN bus line.

In addition to the active cable monitoring achieved with the above technology, the system offers numerous advantages for the planning, installation, display and optimisation of open-loop and closed-loop control systems.

The standardised network offers extremely flexible configuration options. Today, the CANopen protocol is used for medical equipment, shipping electronics, public transport and in the burner and boiler controls of energy supply centres.

A single URB operator terminal is required to parameterize the CAN controllers. In combination with the SPECTORcontrol operator terminal, open and closed-loop control and display system, the SPECTORbus can achieve bidirectional communication with the burner control, the central control room or - via UMTS - with the service partner.

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