GAV 6 Bellows Sealed Stop Valves

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GAV 6 bellows sealed stop valves

Our bellows sealed stop valves are engineered to maintain plant safety and save energy by totally eliminating stem seal leaks. 

Zero emissions are guaranteed, ensuring our GAV 6 valves meet the most stringent worldwide emissions legislation.


What are the features?

  • Ideal for industries including OEM boilermakers, chemicals, energy and power generation.
  • Stainless steel bellows seal
  • Throttling plug, standard for sizes 15 - 100
  • Locking device for hand wheel
  • External stem thread

Sales brochures (PRO)

Document Language Reference number Download
A - B product overview English PRO_810815 Download PDF
Bellows sealed stop valves steam and condensate management solutions English PRO_819701 Download PDF
GESTRA product range - technical information English PRO_850128 Download PDF
제품 개요 Korean PRO_850177 Download PDF

Data sheets (DBL)

Document Language Reference number Download
Bellows Sealed Stop Valves GAV 6xF-T, GAV 6xF English DBL_819677 Download PDF
Maintenance-free bellows-sealed stop valve with safety stuffing box GAV 54F PN 16, DN 15 – DN 300 English DBL_819015 Download PDF
Stop valve GAV 36F DN 15 up to 300, PN 40 English DBL_819478 Download PDF

Installation and maintenance instructions (BAN)

Document Language Reference number Download
GAV Eqiupment designation (de-en) International BAN_808758 Download PDF
Stop valve GAV 54F, GAV 36F English BAN_819025 Download PDF
Bellows Sealed Stop Valves GAV 6, GAV 6-T English BAN_819676 Download PDF
Stainless steel bellows sealed stop valves GAV 66AF-T English BAN_819679 Download PDF

Declaration of conformity (KFE)

Document Language Reference number Download
CE - GAV 54F International KFE_840054 Download PDF
CE-GAV 36F International KFE_840081 Download PDF
CE-GAV 63F; GAV 64F; GAV 65F; GAV 66F; GAV 66 AF International KFE_840132 Download PDF

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