BW Return-Temperature Control Valves (KALORIMAT)

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Economical utilisation of energy in hot water or thermal-oil heating systems

The BW return-temperature control valves (KALORIMAT) ensures that heating systems run efficiently and are stable. 

By limiting the return-temperature to the desired value, KALORIMAT maintains a constant discharge temperature from the heat exchanger. 

The integral thermostatic regulator accurately senses the temperature of the heating medium and modulates the flow to guarantee uniform distribution of heat and maintain a stable pressure and temperature in the system. 

This ensures optimal performance of your system, saving energy and reducing operating costs.


What are the features?

  • Easy and stable extension of heating systems
  • Prevents overheating or under heating
  • Integral quick acting thermostatic regulator, no external sensor required
  • Directly controlled, pilot flow operated
  • Compact design, standard face-to-face dimensions
Return temperature control valve

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