Mechanical Pressure Regulators

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Pressure regulation of steam, gas and fluids in all energy and process networks

Self-acting pressure controls are simple, easy-to-install and use. They enable you to manage pressures needed for your applications and ensure your system is running efficiently and safely.

GESTRA's Type 5610 mechanical pressure regulators are pressure-maintaining valves that provide constant primary pressure in steam, water and other non-harmful fluids in all energy and process networks, irrespective of secondary pressure and with no need for auxiliary energy.

GESTRA's Type 5801 mechanical pressure reducing valves manage pressure reduction in steam and non-flammable neutral gases and fluids, in all energy and process networks with no need for auxiliary energy.


What are the features?

  • Self-acting without auxiliary energy
  • For use in hazardous area
  • Excellent flow dynamic
  • Long service life and operational reliability
  • Replaceable trim
Mechanical pressure regulator

Sales brochures (PRO)

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A - B product overview English PRO_810815 Download PDF
GESTRA product range - technical information English PRO_850128 Download PDF
제품 개요 Korean PRO_850177 Download PDF

Data sheets (DBL)

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Self-acting pressure control/pressure reducing valve 5801 English 5801_en Download PDF
Self-acting pressure control/pressure-maintaining valve 5610 English 5610_en Download PDF

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