ZK-Type Control Valves for Severe Service Applications

ZK-type control valves for severe service applications

GESTRA's ZK-type control valve range has been proven in operation on severe service applications for many years in power stations, oil refineries and chemical plants.

Our extensive experience and expertise in steam and condensate applications has enabled us to design and manufacture the ZK radial stage nozzle to the highest quality standards, with zero leakage.

Our control valve solution is designed to handle high differential pressures and critical operating conditions in steam and water systems.

The combined isolation and control functions ensure zero leakage, tight shut-off and excellent control performance with no compromise.

With adjustable valve characteristics, due to a multi stage trim, the ZK-type control valve can handle a high range of flow capacities with a high level of flexibility.

The extreme wear-resistance of the multi stage trim maximises reliability and system uptime.

The trim can easily be dismantled, without having to remove the valve from the pipeline, making it easy for you to inspect, repair and maintain.

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What are the features?

  • Ideal for oil refineries, chemical plants and power stations
  • Easy to inspect, repair and maintain without removing from your pipeline
  • Handling of high differential pressure
  • Zero leakage tight shut-off trim

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