SPECTORmodul Touch for Level Controls

Safe and efficient monitoring for land and marine applications

For businesses safety, reliability, availability of steam and cost efficiency, along with effective and easy plant automation and visualisation, are the top priority.

The SPECTORmodul touch focuses on the essentials, including demand based main functions with a clear and intuitive user interface, making it easy for boiler operators to use.

Using the colour touch screen, parameters can rapidly and reliably be entered and selected with little or no training.

Data sheets (DBL)

Document Language Reference number Download
Level Controller NRR 2-50, NRR 2-51 English DBL_819207 Download PDF
Level Controller NRR2-60 English DBL_819921 Download PDF
Level Electrode NRG 26-60 English DBL_819916 Download PDF
Level Monitoring NRG 26-21 English DBL_810764 Download PDF

Installation and maintenance instructions (BAN)

Document Language Reference number Download
List of datapoints supplement to installation & operating manuals 850645 / 850646 URB 55 International BAN_809162 Download PDF
Niveauelektrode NRG 26-21 Dutch BAN_810070 Download PDF
Level electrode NRG 26-21 English BAN_818774 Download PDF
Conductivity electrode LRG 16-9 English BAN_818867 Download PDF
Nivåelektrod NRG 26-21 Swedish BAN_819071 Download PDF
Level controller NRR 2-52, Level controller NRR 2-53, operating and display unit URB 50 English BAN_819222 Download PDF
Geleidbaarheidselektrode LRG 16-9 Dutch BAN_819283 Download PDF
NRR 2-52 szintszabályozó, NRR 2-53 szintszabályozó, URB 50 kezelő- és kijelző készülék Hungarian BAN_819293 Download PDF
Nivåregulator NRR 2-52, Nivåregulator NRR 2-53, Visarinstrument URB 50 Swedish BAN_819383 Download PDF
Level controller NRR 2-60 English BAN_819693 Download PDF
Level electrode NRG 26-60 English BAN_819875 Download PDF
Level Controller NRR Visual Display and Operating Unit URB, NRR 2-52, NRR 2-53, URB 55 English BAN_850646 Download PDF

Declaration of conformity (KFE)

Document Language Reference number Download
CE-NRG26-61-URS60-URS61-URB60-SRL6-60 International KFE_840095 Download PDF
CE-NRG26-60-NRG26-61-NRR2-60-NRR2-61-URW60-URB60 International KFE_840097 Download PDF
CE-NRS2-50-NRS2-51-NRR2-50-NRR2-51-NRG21-11-NRG21-51-NRG26-21-NRGT26-1-NRGT26-2 International KFE_840108 Download PDF
CE-NRR2-52-NRR2-53-NRG21-11-NRG21-51-NRG26-21-NRGT26-1-NRGT26-2-URB50-URB55 International KFE_840109 Download PDF
UKCA NRG26-61 URS60 URS61 URB60 SRL6-60 English KFE_840504 Download PDF
UKCA-NRR2-52-NRR2-53-NRG21-11-NRG21-51-NRG26-21-NRGT26-1-NRGT26-2-URB50-URB55_en English KFE_840518 Download PDF

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