The chemicals industry forms a crucial part of our everyday lives ranging across many areas of manufacturing. Examples include specialty chemicals for paints and inks and consumer chemicals such as soaps. The industry is facing huge challenges to remain profitable while meeting the demands from manufacturers, distributors and consumers.

Benefits of working with GESTRA

High quality steam solutions


Save energy and reduce emissions


Reduce downtime with reliable solutions


Reduce maintenance with long life solutions


Improve process efficiency


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Steam solutions to improve process operating efficiency

Customers expect high quality products that meet regulatory standards, are safe to use, competitively priced and manufactured using sustainable methods and materials. 

Balancing increasing demands for stable plant operation with optimal production uptime, efficiently using raw materials while seeking sustainable alternatives and overall reducing environmental impact is a challenge.

Focussing on identifying operational efficiencies to maximise productivity and reduce energy consumption is one way to ensure that your business remains competitive. This is where GESTRA can help. 

Steam, condensate and other fluids are critical to processes in the chemicals industry and GESTRA's steam know-how and solutions can help to improve your procedures. 

With some simple cost effective solutions, GESTRA can help you to make significant improvements.

GESTRA - Your steam solutions partner for the chemicals industry

With extensive industry application experience in steam, condensate and other industrial fluids.

You can expect: 

  • High level technical support
  • Flexible solutions to suit varying operating conditions
  • Solutions designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards
  • Reliable and robust products that are safe and meet regulatory standards
  • Solutions that can help you to improve operational efficiency in your processes
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Chemicals industry application experience

We have expertise in the following applications including:

Temperature control
Steam pressure regulation
Condensate recovery
Condensate removal
Blowdown solutions
Level controls
Energy and remote monitoring

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