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GESTRA supports the oil and gas industry world-wide in many production processes, where steam and hot water are vital. The oil and gas industry is under pressure to continuously improve safety, whilst optimising maintenance and improving process efficiency.

Benefits of working with GESTRA

Reduce energy consumption


Improve process efficiency


Manage health and safety risks


Meet regulatory standards


Expertise and solutions to increase efficiency in your system's performance

GESTRA understands that steam, condensate and hot water are a key part of your processes, from upstream exploration and production to downstream refining and processing. By supporting the improvement of operations in areas such as petroleum refining and gas processing - including Avgas and Biofuels - along with petrochemical processing, GESTRA can help you to achieve your objectives.  

With our steam, condensate and other industrial fluid know-how, GESTRA provides expertise and product solutions that will help you to increase efficiency, reduce operating/maintenance costs and improve safety within your processes.  

Our knowledge supports best practice solutions in the steam and condensate system and our product range covers steam traps, steam and condensate manifolds, large heat exchangers, pumping and metering applications.

We also offer steam system and steam trap surveys and maintenance, aimed at reducing energy and total cost of ownership.

GESTRA - your solution partner in the oil and gas industry

Working closely with industry experts, you can be assured that all our products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards.

With extensive industry application experience in steam, condensate and other industrial fluids, you can expect:

  • High level technical support
  • Solutions engineered to suit varying operating conditions
  • Reliable and robust products that meet regulation standards
  • Products that comply with ASME, PED, ATEX, SIL, AD 2000, CRN and EAC
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Oil and gas industry application experience

We have expertise in the following applications including:

Energy and remote monitoring
Condensate management
Temperature regulation
Blowdown, drain and warm up
Turbidity detection
Level controls
Turbine drainage
Pressure regulation
Spray water control
Boiler vent valves

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