SPECTORconnect for Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Controls

Safe and efficient monitoring of steam and hot water systems

For boiler operators of a steam system safety, reliability, availability and cost efficiency are the top priority, along with effective plant automation and visualisation for easy management.

GESTRA has developed SPECTORconnect a digital system that sends data in both directions, including voltage, temperature, limit values and error messages.

This provides accurate monitoring and real-time feedback so you can effectively manage and monitor your boiler.

Sales brochures (PRO)

Document Language Reference number Download
GESTRA SPECTORconnect - safer, more efficient steam production English PRO_819646 Download PDF
SPECTORconnect safer, more efficient steam production English PRO_819782 Download PDF

Data sheets (DBL)

Document Language Reference number Download
Conductivity Controller LRR 1-60 English DBL_819222 Download PDF
Conductivity Electrodes LRG 16-60 LRG 16-61 LRG 17-60 English DBL_819918 Download PDF
Visual Display and Operating Unit URB 60 English DBL_819913 Download PDF

Installation and maintenance instructions (BAN)

Document Language Reference number Download
Datapoints supplement to installation and operating manual 819699 URB 60 (de-en) International BAN_809108 Download PDF
Supplement to Installation & Operating Manual - LRG16-60, LRG17-60, LRG16-61 , LRGT16-3, LRGT16-4, LRGT17-3 International BAN_809161 Download PDF
Conductivity controller LRR 1-60 English BAN_819692 Download PDF
Visual display and operating unit URB 60 English BAN_819699 Download PDF
Conductivity electrodes LRG 16-60, LRG 16-61, LRG 17-60 English BAN_819878 Download PDF
Backward compatibility SPECTORbus English BAN_850609 Download PDF

Declaration of conformity (KFE)

Document Language Reference number Download
CE-TRV5-60-TRG5-6x-URS60-URS61-URB60-SRL6-60 International KFE_840093 Download PDF
CE-NRG1x-60-NRG1x61-URS60-URS61-URB60-SRL6-60 International KFE_840094 Download PDF
CE-NRG26-61-URS60-URS61-URB60-SRL6-60 International KFE_840095 Download PDF
CE-LRG16-60-LRG16-61,LRG17-60-URS60-URS61-URB60 International KFE_840096 Download PDF
CE-NRG26-60-NRG26-61-NRR2-60-NRR2-61-URW60-URB60 International KFE_840097 Download PDF
CE-LRG16-60-LRG16-61-LRG17-60-LRR1-60-URB60 International KFE_840098 Download PDF
CE-NRR2-52-NRR2-53-NRG21-11-NRG21-51-NRG26-21-NRGT26-1-NRGT26-2-URB50-URB55 International KFE_840109 Download PDF
CE-NRS1-4x-NRG1x-4x-NRG1x-6x-SRL6-40-URB1-URB2-URB60-SPECTORcontrol International KFE_840114 Download PDF
CE-NRS1-42-NRG16-42-URB1-URB2-URB60-SPECTORcontrol International KFE_840115 Download PDF
CE-NRS2-40-NRR2-40-NRG26-40-NRG26-60-URB1-URB2-URB60-SPECTORcontrol International KFE_840116 Download PDF
CE-LRR1-40-LRG1-4x-LRG1x-6x-URB1-URB2-URB60-SPECTORcontrol International KFE_840119 Download PDF
UKCA TRV5-60 TRG5-6x URS60 URS61 URB60 SRL6-60 English KFE_840502 Download PDF
UKCA NRG1x-60 NRG1x61 URS60 URS61 URB60 SRL6-60 English KFE_840503 Download PDF
UKCA NRG26-61 URS60 URS61 URB60 SRL6-60 English KFE_840504 Download PDF
UKCA LRG16-60 LRG16-61, LRG17-60 URS60 URS61 URB60 English KFE_840505 Download PDF
UKCA-LRG16-60-LRG16-61-LRG17-60-LRR1-60-URB60_en English KFE_840507 Download PDF

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