General Purpose Control Valves

GCV control valves

GESTRA's GCV general purpose control valves are engineered to provide solutions for steam, condensate and other industrial fluid, as well as gas applications and processes. 

These general purpose control valves reliably and precisely control temperature and pressure within your processes. GCV are available with electric or pneumatic actuator, positioners and compressed air filter/regulators.


Our solutions will help you to...

What are the features?

  • Highly responsive
  • Ensures precise temperature and pressure control
  • Cost effective solution
  • Long service life
  • Solutions for a range of applications

Sales brochures (PRO)

Document Language Reference number Download
A - B product overview English PRO_810815 Download PDF
GESTRA GCV control valves - control solutions for steam and condensate English PRO_819770 Download PDF
GESTRA product range - technical information English PRO_850128 Download PDF

Data sheets (DBL)

Document Language Reference number Download
Electric Linear Actuators DN15 to DN100 Control Valves AEL5 Series English DBL_819755 Download PDF
Electropneumatic Smart Positioner SP500 English DBL_819750 Download PDF
GCV Three-Port Control Valves QLM and QLD Series English DBL_819747 Download PDF
GCV Two-Port Control Valves EN Standard KE, KF and KL DN 15 to DN 300 and ASME Standard KEA, KFA and KLA ½" to 12" K Series English DBL_819746 Download PDF
GCV Two-Port Control Valves EN Standard LE, LF and LL DN 15 to DN 100 and ASME Standard LEA, LFA and LLA ½" to 4" L Series English DBL_819756 Download PDF
MPC1M, MPC2M and MPC2AM High Efficiency Compressed Air Filter/Regulators English DBL_819753 Download PDF
Pneumatic Actuators for use with GCV Control Valves PN9000 Series English DBL_819749 Download PDF

Installation and maintenance instructions (BAN)

Document Language Reference number Download
819743 Electropneumatic smart positioner SP500 English BAN_819743 Download PDF
Electric linear actuators for use with GCV control valves DN 15 to DN 100 AEL5 series English BAN_819742 Download PDF
Electropneumatic smart positioner - a guide to HART® functionality SP500 English BAN_819745 Download PDF
GCV three-port control valves QLM and QLD series English BAN_819736 Download PDF
GCV two-port control valves K and L series English BAN_819737 Download PDF
High efficiency compressed air filter/ regulators for use with GCV control valves and pneumatic actuators MPC1M, MPC2M and MPC2AM English BAN_819744 Download PDF
Pneumatic actuators for use with GCV control valves PN9000 series English BAN_819741 Download PDF

Declaration of conformity (KFE)

Document Language Reference number Download
CE-KE43 & 73, KEA43 & 73 (DN125-200) International KFE_840137 Download PDF
CE-KE43 & 73, KEA43 & 73 Steuerventile und Derivate DN250-300 International KFE_840138 Download PDF
CE-KE43, KE63 & KE73 Regelventile und Derivate DN32-100; KE61, KE71, KEA41, KEA61 & KEA71 Regelventile und Derivate DN32-50; KEA42 & KEA62 Ventile und Derivate DN32- 50; KEA43, KEA63 & KEA73 Ventile und Derivate DN32-100 International KFE_840136 Download PDF
CE-KE71/73 DN32-40; KEA43/63 ANSI150 DN40-50; KEA73 ANSI125 DN40-65, . KE43/63 DN32-100; KE61 DN32-50; KE71 DN50; KE73 DN50-100; KEA41/61/71 DN32-50; KEA43/63 ANSI150 DN65-200; KEA43/63 ANSI300 DN40-200; KEA73 ANSI125 DN80-200; KEA73 ANSI250 DN40-200 International KFE_840139 Download PDF
CE-LE31, LE33, LE43 & LE63 Regelventile und Derivate DN32-100 LEA31, LEA33, LEA43 & LEA63 Regelventile und Derivate DN32-100 International KFE_840140 Download PDF
CE-PRS50 International KFE_840129 Download PDF

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