BB DISCOCHECK Dual-Plate Check Valves

Maximise operating efficiencies and reduce costs

BB DISCOCHECK dual-plate check valves are designed especially for systems or applications where there is low pressure drop.

These check valves prevent backflow in horizontal and vertical pipelines.  They are wafer-type valves with a double swing design, two hinge pins and four springs.

BB DISCOCHECK dual-plate check valves can be used with a wide range of liquid, gas and vapour systems.

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What are the features?

  • Ideal for gas and liquid applications
  • Optimised flow to reduce energy loss
  • Low wear operation with a long service life
  • Stable operation to suit a wide range operating conditions
  • Anti-corrosion linings stopping debris build-up

Sales brochures (PRO)

Document Language Reference number Download
Non-return (check) valves for HVAC systems, sanitary applications and industrial technology English PRO_810107 Download PDF
A - B product overview English PRO_810815 Download PDF
GESTRA product range - technical information English PRO_850128 Download PDF
Dual-plate check valves BB 3 GESTRA DISCOCHECK® English PRO_850135 Download PDF
Dispositivo de retenção Brazilian Portuguese PRO_850956 Download PDF

Data sheets (DBL)

Document Language Reference number Download
Dual-Plate Check Valve BB 3...C steel, BB 3...A stainless steel EN series: PN 10/16/25/40, DN 50 - 500 ASME series: Class 150/300, NPS 2" - 20" English DBL_819635 Download PDF
Dual-Plate Check Valves BB with Anti-Corrosion Lining EN Range DN 150 up to 1000, PN 6 up to 16 English DBL_819223 Download PDF

Installation and maintenance instructions (BAN)


Double Swing Check Valve BB 1 BB 2 BB 3



Reference number



Download PDF

Declaration of conformity (KFE)


CE-Produkt: BA; BAE; BB; BK; BW; CB; GK; MK; MPA; PA; RK; RKE; SZ; TK; UNA; VK; ZK



Reference number



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