Information on Corona /Covid 19


Your business plays a vital role in our community, from treating hospital patients and developing vaccines, to producing essential food and energy. We wanted to reassure you that during this current global COVID-19 crisis, our team is here to support your critical processes.

Now more than ever, if you need us, we're here to help keep your business on track so that you can continue to deliver to your customers.

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We offer our customers a full range of complete systems and intelligent solutions engineered to function with maximum reliability.

Our products have many practical applications and are used wherever

  • steam is generated, distributed or used
  • liquid and gaseous media flow
  • savings in energy are possible, and
  • operational reliability and environmental protection play an important role

According to the maxim "Safety Secures Success" we are intending to always meet the latest and highest safety standards in addition to fulfilling legal safety requirements. Safeguarding the health, safety and physical integrity of our employees, visitors and customers has top priority and is of utmost importance to us.

Our declared objective: No accidents at work!