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GESTRA Training Seminars

GESTRA training seminars

We offer training seminars and advisory service on a regular basis conveying our know-how to you on steam, condensate systems and process fluid control.

The GESTRA training seminars are geared to the interests of technical staff working for engineering companies, project, design and plant engineers, foremen, interested specialists and personnel responsible for commissioning, servicing and maintenance.

Our hands-on seminars place great emphasis on the exchange of experience, the active presence and the participation of the steam user. Various practical examples of projects already implemented in different industries will be considered in order to outline the problems involved and their solutions.

The training seminars combining theory and practice focus on the following subjects:

  • Fundamental principles of steam and condensate systems
  • Sizing and design of pipework
  • Efficient utilization of energy in steam systems
  • Boiler automation and operation (without constant supervision for 72 hrs)
  • Energy supply center - boiler house

Practical demonstrations

As a reinforcement of training, the seminars include practical demonstrations given at our in-house testing facilities:

  • Open steam trap test bench
  • Closed steam system
  • Transparent testing and demonstration facility
  • Boiler electronics demonstration stand

For enhancing customer training benefits, both modern, proven didactical methods individually tailored to the particular situation and participant's specific needs and hands-on instruction are incorporated into our seminars.

We also offer the courses in our program as in-house training. Experienced trainers teach your staff at your premises and orientate themselves to your individual requirements. Thereby your system's configuration is the focus of interest at these training sessions.

GESTRA academy training

Course details

Module 1 Basics of steam and condensate systems

  • Basics of steam technology
  • Calculation of steam quantities and flash steam
  • Pipe dimensioning, pipe laying
  • Demonstration of physical principles using glass steam generator, glass heat exchanger, glass piping
  • Construction and design of a steam/condensate circuit
  • Design, installation, operating mode of thermo-technical systems and vessels
  • Waterhammer and its prevention

Module 2 Steam Traps

  • Technology and design of steam traps
  • Protection against steam trap failure
  • Monitoring, testing and repair
  • Demonstration of the mode of operation on the open and closed steam test-bench
  • Protection against corrosion in steam systems
  • Tour through the company


Module 3 Boiler equipment

  • 12952 / 12953 / EN regulations
  • Controller for boiler operation
  • BUS Technology
  • Data transmission and parameterisation in the boiler house
  • Condensate monitoring


Module 4 Design of control valves

  • Technology and design of control valves
  • Calculation bases for the selection of control valves; CV value, flow velocity etc.
  • Cavitation and erosion
  • Selection criteria of actuators for control valves
  • Multi-stage pressure relief for supercritical pressure conditions

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