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120 years of Engineering Steam Performance

A landmark celebration for GESTRA

Built on decades of collaboration, innovation, and precision engineering, GESTRA and their operating companies all around the world will take the time to mark their 120 years in business on May 4th 2022.

Having started by developing products for process fluid applications, the last 120 years have seen great technological changes as GESTRA’s reputation for quality carried through from the industrial age to the digital age.

Despite the speeding pace of change, there is one thing that has remained constant throughout and a contributor towards GESTRA’s success: their determination to ensure their customers are achieving an optimised and energy efficient process when it comes to industry and manufacturing operations.

GESTRA's Divisional Director Sheldon Banks noted: "After 120 years , our great company continues to help customers globally to solve their sustainability and process improvement challenges with our steam engineering solutions."

An early advertisement for GESTRA

From beginnings in industrial efficiency

Founder Gustav Friedrich Gerdts focussed on his many ideas for supporting operational efficiency and reliability in factories all over the country. With the industrial revolution in full swing, he recognised the opportunities for optimising energy use when it came to steam and began to build products to achieve this. Little did he know that many of the principles we use today in system design and thermodynamics would be continued from his early designs.

To laying the foundations for the future of the boilerhouse

From their early commitment to the customer and to product quality from precision design, very little has changed in GESTRA’s ethos and approach to design. Technologies may have changed, but the original goal has remained the same.

By developing intelligent solutions for a variety of industrial process applications to a high design specification, many would be able to achieve safer, cost-effective and energy efficient processes.

While manufacturing is now considering the impact of their operations and output with organisations seeking to pivot faster. With over 120 years of experience, GESTRA is well-placed to support organisations as they move forward towards a more sustainable future.

Learn more about GESTRA’s commitment to sustainability in action.

To the digital age and beyond

Innovative product design is one way that organisations can meet their goals. With automation and digitalisation, many processes are safer and better optimised than ever. GESTRA’s continuing commitment to product excellence begins with investment into new technologies to facilitate the manufacturing process as we take the next steps into building our future in the boilerhouse.