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World Climate Summit

Driving Action on Climate Change

Driving Action on Climate Change: World Climate Summit

Held alongside the United Nations Conference of the Parties (COP), this key event brings together business leaders and policymakers to develop practical approaches to delivering on climate change.

At the 2021 event in Glasgow, Rachel Pallett (Steam Business Development Director, Spirax Sarco) joined the panel discussing Investing in the Clean Energy Innovations of Tomorrow.

Rachel pointed to the fact that since it is not always possible to access sustainably-sourced energy when and where it is required, efficiency is just as important an issue. Investment in efficiency is as critical as that invested in renewable energy itself.

GESTRA and Spirax Sarco, are leading the way with the development of a retrofit solution that allows a fossil-fuelled steam boiler to be converted to one that relies on electricity. This provides a lower-cost alternative to complete replacement and increases the speed at which the business can move towards net zero operations.

At GESTRA, we are convinced that steam’s fantastic ability to carry thermal energy justifies investment in its future use, and we are committed to helping industries achieve their sustainability goals.

At the 2022 World Climate Summit, Amanda Williams, Head of Sustainability (Steam Specialities) joined the panel Scaling up Innovation and Finance for Heavy Industry Decarbonisation. It looked at technological innovations, the questions investors are asking, and how this critical sector could advance its decarbonisation efforts.

World Climate Summit

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