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Steam Trap Surveys

Enhancing system performance

Over 40 years of steam trap evolution developed for your safety

Your condensate system needs regular checks to maintain optimum conditions. Without appropriate and regular audits of discharging steam traps, your condensate system can become inefficient very quickly. Uncontrolled backing up of condensate in the steam lines can lead to water hammer, presenting a risk not only to equipment and production, but to the safety of your employees. Prioritizing safety, GESTRA’s equipment and testing process has pioneered the way for the last 40 years, perfecting its ultrasonic technology to detect steam loss and discharge failures, even in the most hazardous of environments.

Finding energy savings in your plant

The steam trap population is one of the first places to review when you are looking to save money on your energy usage.  

Without a regular planned maintenance schedule, typically 15–25% of steam traps are found to be faulty.At first glance, a couple of failing steam traps may not appear to be of great concern—that is until energy usage begins to rise.  Calculations of the average plant show that if just 5 standard steam traps failed in the steam drainage line, it would equate to 200,000 pounds of live steam and 40,000 pounds of CO2 wasted per annum.

In steam generation costs alone, this would result in an increase in fuel consumption, with the problem compounding year on year if not managed.

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GESTRA can help you test your steam traps independently

Your business needs may require engineers on-site to undertake regular steam trap testing. While your local GESTRA engineer can support you with this, some businesses want to manage this process for themselves. Comprehensive training from GESTRA, along with their intuitive and easy-to-use steam trap testing equipment, allows you to undertake your own steam trap tests regularly and independently, empowering you to manage your plant’s reliability, energy usage, and safety.

The right solution for you

GESTRA’s established commitment to Research and Development has generated proven solutions that have improved over time. Whether you are managing your own steam trap surveys or working with GESTRA, you can be assured that you are investing in their expertise and reputable technology. By applying their specialized industry expertise, your local GESTRA engineer will help you to find a solution that is tailored to your business’s needs. 

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