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OEMs face increasing demands to remain competitive in today’s environment of escalating costs and changing regulations. Yet despite pressures to reduce expenditure, cheaper parts will often incur additional and indirect costs that can escalate and actually increase ‘Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).’

Therefore, an OEM requires more than a supplier, they need a partner who they can trust. GESTRA provides such a partnership offering high-quality products, knowledgeable service, and a transparent supply chain. OEMs know that they can trust GESTRA to deliver and attain customer satisfaction.

Meeting international standards

GESTRA’s solutions for OEMs meet European and International Standards for Safety and Quality. This includes European Standards EN 12952 and EN 12953, along with UL60730 for the USA.

By meeting rigorous testing standards, GESTRA provide safe and reliable products that OEMs can trust, whether your solution is off the shelf or bespoke.

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Built with your future in mind

Reputations are built on the design, documentation, manufacturing quality, and delivery to end users, so GESTRA take their commitment to their OEM partners very seriously. The OEM knows they can trust GESTRA as a design partner on account of their exhaustive testing for resilience and long-life.

GESTRA’s smart technology enables OEMs to build, install, and maintain their equipment in efficient and sustainable ways. With increased system uptime in mind, GESTRA has evolved their technology to simplfiy processes like level instrument calibration, reducing the amounts of water required so in turn saving time, energy, and money.   


Meeting the many different needs of OEMs

Every OEM has different needs when it comes to building boilers for a plant. Some are focused on delivering automated solutions and others on sustainability and energy efficiency. What unites each of these manufacturers and their objectives is the need for a reliable solution from a partner they can trust. GESTRA prioritizes high standards and innovation in their manufacturing processes as they continually advance and improve, making them the first choice for OEMs.

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