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Today’s market has increased its demand for oil and gas, but at a lower cost. The industry has responded by looking for ways to grow their output, introducing new decision making strategies and new operating models. To meet those objectives, refineries need partners who understand the applications of this unique industry.

They need partners who understand the pressure involved in extracting and refining in the most changeable and hostile surroundings. In this environment, refineries need to bring the right products together with process, which is why they choose GESTRA.


Driving growth by fine-tuning processes

The first step to increasing productivity in any plant is to review the existing processes. Changing technology and regulations may only require simple adaptations to proven methods, saving time and production costs.

It might also be possible that some processes can be eliminated completely.

Automation is an ever present solution and one option to deliver higher and safer production as it streamlines processes.   

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Mitigating condensate risks

Condensate management is essential for maximizing efficiency within the refining processes of oil and gas. If not proactively managed, condensate will not drain efficiently which causes inconsistent temperatures and water hammer in a worst case scenario.

Some processes like cracking are reliant on maintaining the same temperature throughout the process.

If temperatures fluctuate too much, this can lead to spoiled produce and time wasted as engineers rush to find and correct the source of the problem.   

Focusing some of your attention on this one process can lengthen the life of your equipment as well as save energy and keep production figures high.


Expertise you can trust

Every site is different, with varying conditions and production needs. GESTRA’s experience in the oil and gas industry delivers customers real value, having understood the business’ needs over time.

Your local GESTRA engineer can provide the technical support and state-of-the-art solutions that allow the modern plant to adapt to their future challenges, while also achieving optimum productivity.

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